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Give those you love the perfect gift — the buying power to get what they really want with a VISA Gift Card. VISA Gift Cards are accepted virtually anywhere VISA Debit is accepted from online purchases to retail stores.


  • Safer to carry than cash
  • Accepted virtually anywhere VISA is accepted
  • Access to account balance and transaction history
  • Use for online purchases, retail stores, restaurants, and telephone purchases

Where can I purchase one?

VISA Gift Cards are available for purchase at all CASE Credit Union locations for a $4.00 fee per gift card.

How do I view my balance and transactions?

View balances and transaction history, report lost or stolen cards, or handle fraud/dispute questions at www.atiracard.com or by calling 1-800-721-3978. (See Atira VISA Gift Card terms and conditions for more details.)

*Gift Cards are not reloadable

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