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Youth Club Accounts

Saving Options for Your Saving Goals

We are committed to helping youth acquire good financial skills. Providing them with the tools to learn the value of saving, earning and investing. Teaching the concept of saving at a young age has lifetime benefits. Our goal is to help youth members become knowledgeable and confident about money, so they’ll make smarter financial decisions as adults.

Little Savers Club

For little people up to age 4, The Little Savers Club will help your young child learn early about the importance of saving.

M3 Money Club

Savings program for kids 5 to 12 Our M3 Money Club combines a child’s savings account with fun and educational tools. With M3, parents have a new and fun way to bring financial education into the home. M3 introduces young members to an exciting world where superheroes rule and learning about money is cool.

Visit the M3 Money Club Website for games, stories and podcasts with your favorite M3 characters Cash and Violet.

Elements of Money Club

A real-world, interactive, engaging money club for teens 13 to 18 It's never too early to teach teens the importance of financial responsibility. That's why we're happy to introduce The Elements of Money, a program that combines the financial products and services teens need, with real-world educational resources. Your child will learn to navigate through the world of personal finance, and start saving too!

Visit the Elements Website for online financial resources including articles, podcasts, blog posts and videos.

Get Started

To open a Youth Club Account visit any of CASE's branch locations.

*A parent, guardian or related adult must be joint on any youth checking account.

* Youth Club Account membership requires a $5 share deposit in a savings account. Must provide a birth certificate and child’s social security number.


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